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"Susan crafts very well thought out and informed workouts for exactly what your body needs. She's empathetic, funny and informative which all make working out fun. If you suffer from past injuries like myself, Susan is absolutely who you should consider as your personal trainer. "  -  Kristen S.

"What makes Susan so amazing is she volunteers her time to people who would not otherwise be able to pay for personal training.  That's a real gift.  She's attentive, and very knowledgeable about the human body, as it pertains to exercise, and adapts your workout to your abilities.  I have nothing but praise for Susan."  - Bill H.

"Susan is amazing!  She gets to know you, your body, your goals... And she is fun, authentic, and very positive.  She will also give you as much technical info as you want at the pace you want."  - Joanna M.

"Susan is a fantastic trainer because she:

  • Tailors each sessions to my needs that day

  • Varies work outs

  • Explains exercises well and why I should do them

  • Provides holistic support (nutrition, mental etc)

  • Provides support in between sessions (reminders, reading materials, YouTube videos).  

Susan is smart and academic in her approach to training. I feel like I am in very good hands."  - Rumeena B.

"I would recommend Susan to anyone looking for a highly trained, smart personal trainer who will kick your butt, make you laugh, and encourage you along the way!"  -- Jamie W.

Susan has a great way of communicating what she wants me to do and why. Right now, I'm in sponge-mode, just soaking everything in, and that could potentially be overwhelming. Susan walked me through each step and paid attention to areas we had previously discussed to make sure I didn't injure those places again. At the end of our session--and for the rest of the day--I felt invigorated! I'm eager to keep learning. - Sherry D.

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